How to use the highlighter tapes ?

To enhance your study session and your Quran memorizing process!

The concept

Our highlighter tapes are the perfect tool to enhance your studying experience! Designed with students in mind, our highlighter tape offers a unique and effective way to mark important information in your textbooks and notes!

The tape's adhesive backing ensures that it stays securely in place, even during intense study sessions. It can be easily cut to any desired length, making it versatile for highlighting small details and larger text sections.

Say goodbye to smudged ink and messy highlighter marks. Our highlighter tape provides a clean and precise highlighting experience, allowing you to focus on the content without any distractions.

Why you will love the highlighter tape 

Cut the length you exactly need

6 aesthetic pastel colours - 2 different sizes

No ink bleeding so clean pages - no highlighter marks

Possibility to double highlight to darken the colours

Enhance your memory skills

Ease and speed up the revision 

The Colours

Here are the colours of the tapes. We chose 6 aesthetic pastel colours for a smoother look in your books! The colours are so transparent that you can double highlight with the same colours!

Choose the size of the tape

There are two options for the size. The choice depends on what you would like to highlight. The length of the tapes are 5 meters, so you have enough tape to work with. And the width vary between 10mm and 6mm. The 6mm is be for the standard A5 Quran and the 10mm is for larger Quran with bigger writing!

Measure the length

The tape doesn't stick straight away to the paper because of the backing film, which allow you to measure the exact length you need! Very practical!


Once you have the right length, cut the tape!


And the final step is to stick it and enjoy the aesthetic look and the pleasant touch of your paper!